Thursday, February 28, 2013

G12P Is Looking For New Crew Members ON MARCH 20!

THE DATE FOR THIS MEETING IS MARCH 20 AT 6PM AT OHIO VALLEY COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY Ghosting 12 Paranormal is looking for new crew members. We are having a group interview on March 20, at 6pm at Ohio Valley College of Technology in Calcutta. If you like: 1. Attending public events like festivals, Civil War Reenactment, and other public events 2. Lots of hiking in the woods and exploring the county 3. hunting ghosts 4. and hunting Bigfoot 5. Lots of camping Then think about joining our crew. I will point out we are very busy from March through October, and we are looking for people who have some time to spend with us. September and October are booking fast for us. We also do the Pottery Festival, handle the ghost walk for the Jackson in the Valley Civil War Reenactmen at Scenic Vista park this year, do multiple free tours in the county, and do private investigations. We are very busy and need people who are interested in things like this.