Sunday, March 17, 2013

It Helps to Know the History to Find a Ghost

The most important thing I have learned in the decade I have been ghost hunting is to know your history. I am not talking about World history or even our Nations history (necessarily), but your own local history. For instance, we investigated the old Fairview School in 2009 at the request of the owners of the building at the time. It was an awesome investigation, but the most important thing I learned was about knowing the history of a place before you investigate it. We went to the school a total of three times in October of 2009. The first time we went at night. As we investigated 2 buildings on the property, we were frustrated because we were not finding anything. We talked about this with the owner and to our suprise, he laughed and said: "That's because you are not here during the day!" He went on to talk about how they spent the night in the building all the time and never had any problems. The real activity occured during the day. We rescheduled for a daytime adventure and WOW! what a difference. There were bangs on the wall, and in the bar room we were getting one tap for yes and two taps for no as we asked questions. It was awesome!!!! As I researched the school, I found out that Principle Wilfing had died while still principle of the school. It made sense that he might be haunting the school. It also made sense that he would be haunting it during the day, rather than at night.

The more you know about an investigation sight the better chance you have of capturing evidence. If you know the names of relatives for the person you think is haunting an area, or things they liked, or how they died, that is information you can talk about as you investigate. Or, if you suspect the area to be haunted by soldiers from the Civil War, you can sing songs from that era or play a guitar or Banjo and it might attract spirits to you. Knowledge of an area can only benefit you. And the more you know the better chance you have of capturing the all important evidence we all hope we get to prove ghosts exist.