Thursday, April 11, 2013

Lecture On Ghost Hunting At Newton Falls This Saturday, April 13

 Saturday at 2pm you will find us at the Newton Falls Public Library.  I am giving a lecture on Ghost Hunting.  We decided to have a little information on some local areas, so we investigated the library, where they believe they might have a ghost.  Lisa gave them a reading on the building and will be sharing that on Saturday!
 We also did a ghost box session at Sam's Pizza shop on Canal Street and we will be sharing our findings about that.
We also did a ghost box session on the old covered bridge in Newton Falls and you will learn the results of that during the lecture.  Let me just say that Newton Falls is not without it's share of hauntings.  :)

There were about 15 tickets left for this event if you are interested in attending.  Contact the Newton Falls Public Library for more information!