Sunday, April 21, 2013

What's Not To Like About Beaver Creek State Park

 For the most park, nothing.  At least, nothing I will mention anyway.  I love every inch of the park.   This is a picture of an old foundation you can find on the Vondergreen Trail. 
 Here you see Vondergreen's Lock or Lock #38 in the Sandy and  Beaver Canal System.  They look like the remains of castles out in the  middle of no where.  I am glad so many of these beautiful places still exist.
 This is Lock 39, my personal favorite Lock in the Sandy and Beaver Canal System.  According to Jerry Kings web site on the Locks, #39 is the actual Jake's Lock.  I believe it.  We have investigated this lock several times and I would say it is very haunted.
 Heaps Fuller Mill, just up from Lock 39, is a solid reminder that people once lived and worked here. 
 The back side of Lock 39, complete with the Stairs. Not as grand as Lusk Lock, but unique in it's own way.
 Lock 36, at the Pioneer Village, is an awesome sight. You don't realize how big it really is until you put someone down there.  We chose Amber to send down and pose. 
 The Williams House. One word to describe it:


 Thomas  Malone  Covered Bridge:

And last for this article, the church and blacksmith shop.  This area is one of my favorite sights to visit. It has history,  trails to hike, and ghosts.  What ghost hunter could ask for more?