Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Ghostly Remains of East :Liverpool

 Once upon a time, East Liverpool was the Pottery Capital of the world. There were so many people who lived in the city, there were not enough homes for them to live in.  People lived in alleys, under bridges and in barns so they could have a job in one of the many potteries in and around East Liverpool. 
What happened?
 There are whispers of memory of what this city once was.  If you look in the dark corners, you find the skeletons of homes and businesses that once were.

 When Route 11 came in, three streets were erased from existence.  Three whole streets.  There are not even any ghosts of those buildings left.  What a loss. 
Yet there are some reminders.  I was looking for the old Chester Bridge entrance today and ended up following a path that lead into a forgotten part of the city. The remains of several buildings are there.
 There is also a lot of broken pottery.  This piece, which says "Best Wishes.  Love, Laura" I found in what might have been the remains of an old dump.  It was La Belle and at one time very valuable.
Sometimes you find stairs to nowhere, but at one time they took you to a home or business. There is so much gone from East Liverpool, some of which will never be remembered or thought of again.  Others just leave behind a little mystery that makes you wonder what was there.

Some of East Liverpool's ghostly remains linger for you to see, if you only take the time to look.