Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Characters For The May 25 Ghost Walk Are Coming Along

Above pictured characters are Jake the Night Watchman, The Phantom Bride of Wells Hollow Road, and Erastus Eels, the first undertaker of Columbiana County.  The awesome people who will be playing these characters are John Ingledue (Jake), Mike Condon (Erastus) and Amanda Vantilburg, who, along with her husband, Jeremy, will be playing the Captain and the Lady of Grimm's Bridge.  In this picture, however, she is the Phantom Bride of Wells Hollow Road in Wellsville.  Some of the other Characters you will see is Esther Hale, played by Brooke McKinely
Starr Huffman will be playing the Phantom Bride of Wells Hollow Road.  More about her on Sunday.  Of course we will have Gretchen Gill, played by our own Sammi Baker.
 Sam plays Gretchen because they share the same birthday, August 12.

 Emily Robinson will be playing our deliciously wicked Lucy Cobb.  We have an awesome video on YouTube she did for us if you want to check it out:
The Mushroom Lady of Sprucevale
It is one of the best videos we have out there!
We will be telling about 20 stories this time, including a couple new ones.  There is a ghostly white lady that is haunting the Firestone Memorial Park in Columbiana I am looking into, and a story about decapitated nuns on a bridge we are working on to present.  Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting event, May 25!