Friday, June 7, 2013


 Mansfield Prison was amazing!  Yes, it costs $80 per person to go, but it was well worth it.  I have a total of about $115 wrapped up in the whole trip, including gas and good.  (They feed you pizza, pop, and coffee while you are there.)
This is Brian.  He is one of the tour guides at Mansfield.
This is Laura and another tour guide named Scott.  He was funny and knew his stuff.  Both men stayed the whole night. 
 Here is Laura, standing in front of Mansfield. 
 The gate that was once what you drove through to enter.  It is intimidating!
 In Shawshank Redemtion, this is the halfway house that Brooks and Red both end up in after they get out of jail.

 The very spooky chapel.  When the church was no longer used, this became a free-time room full of weights and death. There were many murders here.
 Our tour guides telling us about the warden's wife, who was accidently shot by the warden's own gun while cleaning out the closet.  She now haunts this part of the building.  Well, something does...
 This is what the cells look like today.  Some blocks are 6 stories tall.  We went to the top and it was breathtaking, literally!
 And this is the lovely Laura showing you the tuberculosis room!  It was once a ward for patients with TB.  We got an EVP up here that was amazing.  We asked if anyone had died here and the answer: "All of them.  Every day"
 This is Laura, inside a Solitary Confinement cell with our new friends, Jen, and Chris!  We met them here, and spent the whole evening chasing ghosts together.
 They are awesome ghost hunters.  It was great working with them and we hope to someday do so again.

 Laura, Jen, and Chris in a cell that would hold up to 8 men. 
 Chris and Jen going into one of the many weird shaped doors inside Mansfield Prison.
 This was called the chair room.   See the chair?  We got nothing in here, however.
 Heading to the Chapel, Chris, Jen, and Laura (and me) going up the steps.  In this area, Laura and I got an EVP that said "You two.  OUT."
 Another cell block shot.  From the floor, it was no problem.  Try the 6th floor!

This cell with the red walks and the gold toilet is where Lil Wayne shot his video "Go DJ"

We  had a great time and truly look forward to doing this again!  We highly recommend a night at Mansfield Prison!