Friday, June 14, 2013


Here is my poor little worn out canopy.  Set up at East Liverpool Pottery Festival, you know what I love about it?  It is all mine.  No one but me decides when I get to use it. I don't have sides for it, but I have a tarp to help with the wind.  It will do for now.   This is what it looked like yesterday.  I have no clue what it will evolve into, today.

The weather was not friendly yesterday.  It was down right beautiful, as I love storms,  but not comfortable.  During the time of my pictures, Liverpool Idol was going on.  There was some awesome talent performing there last night.  I loved it.

 The whole time the show was going on, it just got darker and darker.    Note that no one is set up for the festival, by the way.  I hope more come out today and tomorrow.  With the weather outlook, however, I am not holding my breath.
For East Liverpool, the Pottery Festival is a wonderful event that everyone looks forward to.  Even in the rain.  I am glad to be a part of it.  We
are there again today, with free tours tonight at 7pm.  Meeting by the Masonic Temple.  Just look for a sign around the temple entrance for where to meet! 
If it is raining, this tour will be canceled.