Saturday, June 15, 2013

Pottery Festival Day 2

 The weather was amazing!  The Crowd was so much better!  We got to see lots of old friends and made so many new ones! 
 We had a full crew for a short while today!  While everyone is going in different  directions now, it was awesome to get together today and see everyone one! 
 New crew members, Amanda and Jeremy (along with Peanut!) did such great work today you would think they had been on the crew for years!  Amanda is interested in helping with tours and I am grateful for that!  We had two tour groups today.  Jeremy, Amanda and I took one...
Jon and Dennis took the other.  Everyone had a good time!  It was a long time since Jon did a tour and Dennis is new this year, so his experience was limited, but like I said, these guys were like they had years of experience!  I loved it and know I made great choices asking them on the crew! Jon has this way with people and they just love him so I knew he couldn't go wrong! 

 We also had Peanut working the crowd tonight, walking around like our little sandwich dude, telling people about the tour!  I said he is hired and will be out tomorrow night doing this again! 
Lots more people tonight and a great show with the Hamburg eating contest, and Idol.
Tomorrow is the last day and I will be sorry it ends.  Come down and visit us!  Tell us your ghost stories!