Sunday, June 16, 2013

Pottery Festival Day 3

 I am fairly tired so this is short.  Day three of the Pottery Festival was great!  Met awesome people, which includes a pair of ladies known as the Paranormal Grannies.  They showed me several pictures they had taken with possible evidence in them and their enthusiasm was wonderful. 
 There were plenty of crew members out to help and they were ALL newbies!
 Amanda gave tours today and she did so great, it was like she had been doing it all along!  She handled it amazingly!
 Jeremy, one of our newest crew members (in the gray shirt) assisted with the tours this weekend and was invaluable!  We are lucky to have him.  Stories on both of them are coming soon! 
 Dennis and Jon handled the booth today as well as Dennis helping out with the tours.  When we interviewed him back in March, everyone instantly like him and with good reason.  He is an awesome crew member and I see him going places, not just with us, but in the paranormal community as a whole. 
David and Tracy also showed up to help out and I am grateful for all they do to help out!  We were an awesome team at this years Pottery Festival  and look forward to future events working together.  Future events for us include working on videos and investigations!  G12P is going strong and getting better and better. 
Our next event is August 12 at Gretchen's Lock.