Saturday, June 22, 2013

A Full Moon Evening At Gretchen's Lock

 Had a tour down at Gretchen's Lock tonight and it was a lot of fun.  I never have a bad time when I go down there. I have said this before, but I could be having the worst day and when I go down there, I just feel better. 
I took a tour back to see Gretchen's Lock and to hear Bigfoot tales from the area.  It was a lot of fun.
 There was a beautiful Herring that landed close to us so I took a few pics of it.  I liked this one because I caught some eye shine on the bird. 
They are so big and yet so graceful. 
 Beaver Creek never fails to give you a great view either! It is very beautiful down in that area and calming to the nerves.  I have wonderful ghost hunting memories with great friends here!
 This picture is spooky.  It makes you wonder what that is at the end of the trail.
 Awe, Gretchen's Lock never changes.  It is always full of water.  I bet the mud goes to your neck if you walk out into that.
 Many believe Gretchen Gill haunts this lock.  I believe someone named Gretchen does.  We have gotten her name in an EVP before here.  History says Edward Gill never had any children, so I am not sure who Gretchen really is, or if there is a Gretchen at all.  Of course, then you have to wonder who talked on the EVP?
 The plan life here is growing like crazy.  It is hard to see the lock at all this time of year.  Beautiful, to be sure, but somewhat overgrown.

 The small group I was with seems to have a few orbs along with them.  I wonder why they are right above them.  Do bugs look like orbs that far away?  Hmmm......
 Full moon through the trees and over the creek!  It is an awesome night to be at Gretchen's Lock.  You don't need a flashlight. 
 The moonlight is enough to see by and it casts shadows and rays through the trees in a haunting way.  It is my favorite time to be here!  And here I was!
With these brave ghost hunters!  Thank you all so much for an awesome evening!