Saturday, June 29, 2013

New Crew Member for 2013 Jeremy Vantilburg

 We were lucky to get yet another person on our crew this year.  We don't get to see him as much because he works a lot, but when he is able to, he helps us out!  Here he is pictured with Dennis, helping out with the tours during the Pottery Festival.
He also has a big interest in Bigfoot! 
He and Amanda live in a century home on Lisbon Street in LaCroft, which we investigated last year. 
Jeremy and Amanda portrayed our Captain and the Lady at the Scenic Vista Ghost Walk this year with the Civil War Reenactment held there on May 25! 
We are fortunate to have him on our crew and look forward to working with him!

Crew Member for 2013-Amanda Vantilburg

 We were lucky to get Amanda Vantilburg on our crew this year!  We first met her when we investigated her home last year on Lisbon Street in LaCroft, East Liverpool.
Since then we kept in contact and this year, I asked her to join the crew.  (Her husband, also!)

 Amanda has been awesome!  She conducted a tour during the Pottery Festival, last minute, when I really needed her!   She got excellent reviews! 
She is also our new Esther Hale!  She does makeup, and has an interest in Bigfoot! 
You will be seeing a lot more of Amanda!  We are lucky to have her on our crew!

New People Playing Legends

 Esther Hale is now being portrayed by Amanda for G12P.  Amanda is new to us this year and as it happens, perfect to play our Esther!  The dress she is wearing is a Vintage 1910 Wedding Gown, which is the closest we can get so far for that role. 
 This is Nicholas (AKA Peanut).  He is portraying Little David from the old house.  He is Amanda's son and we are happy to be working with him!
 Courtney is our new Gretchen Gill. While we are still working on the dress, Courtney plays an awesome Gretchen!

 Dennis is working on the Character John, who haunts the opening to the path that leads back to Lock 41.  Angry and protective, Dennis has the perfect look for that!
With our new crew, we have a lot of work ahead of us, but so far, that is looking very good!

Jonathon portrayed our Jake the Night Watchman yesterday.  His
intense, angry looks served that character well yesterday!