Sunday, July 7, 2013

Darlington Civil War Memorial Statue-Then and Now

I found this book at Carnegie Library in East Liverpool.  Dusty, large and locked away for safe keeping, I flipped through the pages and found several pictures of the area by a man named Ira Mansfield.  He talked of many things that were common knowledge to them in 1914. 
One of  the things that caught  my eye was this picture of a Civil War Memorial in Darlington, PA.  I have been there a few times, but never noticed this.

  Once I did this to the photograph, I realized where I was.  It still sits in the same place today. It was erected in 1887 by the Dan. Leasure Post No. 402 GAR on September 1, 1887.  This picture was taken around 1913 or 14. 
This picture I took on Friday, July 5, 2013.

A lot has changed in the hundred or so years that this statue has stood guard over Darlington! It is definitely worth a moment of your time to go out and have a look around in this beautiful  Pennsylvania town!

Secret Symbols on the Gate Door At White Cemetery

 The beautiful and original wrought iron fence surrounding the White Family Cemetery is full of mystery on it's own.  The gate has symbols on it that can be misleading if you don't know what they mean.  I am, by no means, an expert in this area, but I do recognize some of the things depicted on this gate as being symbolic. 

 This is the All Seeing Eye. It is on the Great Seal of the United States of America and it is on the dollar bill. It represents God watching over mankind.  It is also known as the Eye of Providence.  The Great Seal was also a symbol that belonged to Freemasonry.  
The snake or serpent swallowing its own tail has several meanings.  One is the circular nature of time.  It is called the Ouroboros.  It was so named by the Greeks and means "self-devourer."  It symbolizes not only the cyclical nature of time and the seasons, but also the eternal cycle of rebirth. For some societies, it s also a symbol of eternity.  Finally, the serpent is a creature of the earth, close to the ground.  The circle it creates by swallowing its own tail is a symbol of completion and spiritual perfection.  It demonstrates a union of Heaven and Earth working in harmony.

This is one of the most beautiful gates I have seen leading into a cemetery.  I realize there are other mysteries on this gate, telling you in a secret code something about John White and his family.  One even suggests a hidden treasure, though I believe it is of a Godly nature.  If cemeteries like this fascinate you, as they do me, then stopping to see this one should be on your list!