Friday, July 12, 2013

A Creepy Baby Doll Nailed To A Tree

Recently, a wonderful relative of mine moved into a house in Lisbon.  It has an awesome yard with two big trees in it.  In one of the trees is a baby doll.   Creepy, right?  You might say to just take the baby doll out of the tree and be done with it.  Can't.  It is nailed to the tree.  Okay.  Get a hammer with a hook on it and pull it out.  We would like to but...

It is pretty high up in the tree.  I would say it has been there for a while. It makes me wonder who put it up there and why they nailed it to the tree.  This is not the first time we have run across something like this.

On our way to Hill View Manor in 2011 we happened to pass a house that had dozens of baby dolls and other stuffed animals out in their yard, tied or nailed to trees.  Spooky creepy.  I tried googling it but got nothing.  If you know the significance (if any) of nailing a toy to a tree, I would love to hear it!