Monday, July 15, 2013

2013 Hannoverton Ghost Tours

 July 27 is the next public Ghost Tour of Hanoverton, Ohio.  Here is a link for you to have a look at about this spooky event in Columbiana County:
This is their facebook page!  Please check it out and give them a "like"!
The following link is an event created for the July 27 event specifically:

  New this year, they have a local author, Lloyd Berresford, Jr., giving the history of the Sandy & Beaver Canal.    Here is also a phone number you can call to get more information:
(330) 205-5103

If I get any more details, I will be sure to post them!  Working on getting the Halloween tour dates!

Jordanville Cemetery 2013

I did a couple of stories about Jordanville Cemetery in 2009.  It was in  terrible condition. Most of the grave markers were leaning  against  trees in the cemetery. 

I visited Jordanville last week and it looks much better.   It is mowed and hardly any stones are around the trees.

It looks nice.  It is just that whoever fixed it knew nothing about cemeteries.  In this picture, the footstone is beside the headstone it goes with.  Obviously, the stones are not set up where they belong.    You know you are in an old cemetery when you see both head stones and footstones.  They are usually only marked by the initials of the person's grave they are marking.  They do not go side by side, but at the head and foot of a person.  It marks the grave boundries.

 Above is a picture from Bowman's Cemetery.  First rows of grave markers you encounter as you enter this little cemetery are headstones and footstones. 

It is a must see stop on your cemetery tour of Columbiana County. Be warned that you must climb a fairly steep hill to reach it!
Still, I guess it is better then all the stones piled around a tree.  I guess...