Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ghostly Origins of the Thomas Malone Covered Bridge

I recently read a book by Beatrice Westover.  She wrote it in the mid 70's.  It is about Elkrun Township.  I love this book. 
It is a rare gem in the history book world.  It is based on the memories of people that lived around her.  It is accounts of history from either the people it happened to, or their direct descendants  that told the story in their family histories. 
For instance, the story of Little Margret Lusk, the three year old that is supposedly entombed in Lusk Lock.  The story comes from the Stokesberry Family, who owned the property the Lock is on.
  She drew pictures of Elkton and the surrounding area, based on real pictures she had access to. Real pictures I would someday like to see!
If you go out to Elkton today, there is not much left.  It is becoming a Sprucevale of sorts.  There are pictures of building long gone in her book.  I can remember going  to Canal Days in the late 70's, and early 80's.  I definitely remember a lot more houses being down there.  One thing I picked out of this book that interested me was information on the Thomas Malone Bridge and where it came from.  At one point it sat as a tool shed in Pine Hollow.  Pine Hollow is the home of Bowman's Cemetery.  There are rumors that the  Thomas Malone Bridge is haunted, but no one has an exact reason why.  Maybe because it sat in the same area as a very haunted Cemetery?  Theoretically, of course.  Bridges were and are sights for many tragic things.  Suicides for example.  There are rumors that there were KKK rallies, and even hangings in Columbiana County. There was a lot of Klan activity in the whole county in the twenties and thirties. East Liverpool had Klan membership of over 1000 and Salem had a Klan presence of over 900.  While I have not been able to find any Newspaper articles, some bridges, like the Church Hill Road Covered Bridge, in Elkton, are rumored to have had people hanged by the KKK at their original locations.
 You can look up the site for Beaver Creek and it will tell you some history on the Thomas Malone Bridge, even giving pictures of it before it was moved to the park. 
The ghost of this  bridge is a man who does not want you around the bridge.  Your EVP's will have a lot of "GET OUT" phrases.  You can hear taps on the bridge and there is a shadow person associated with the bridge also.  If you stand on the end of the bridge by the road, looking in toward the town, you might see the shadow person at the other end of the bridge, in the shadows, only his form is darker than the shadows.  It is a good place to investigate.  
Here are some stories of our adventures on the bridge:
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