Thursday, July 18, 2013

Corner Creations Building in Salem

I always like this building, on Broadway, in Salem, Ohio.  I like the Architecture of it more than anything else.  It is a building from a century long gone, reminding me of the Wild West!  Today it is called Corner Creations.  If you go inside, you will find a couple surprises.

Though it has been painted over, the ceiling is made of brass, possibly from the Mullins Co. of Salem.  The paint is peeling, but that  is how I like my old buildings.  I was enchanted!

They also have a list inside of all the businesses that have ever called this building home:

William Fluckinger's Market 1915
Ohio Grocery Specialty Co. 1923
Johnson  and Howard Barbers 1927
John Rowe Wholesale 1934
National Furniture 1937-This one has my interest because it was the National Furniture Store in East Liverpool in 1973 that a terrible triple murder occurred.  Did this National Furniture move from this location to an ultimate death in East Liverpool?
Robbins Furniture 1940
Maytag Morrow Co. 1948
Salem Glass and Mirror 1957

There is a discrepancy about that information because of this sign on the outside of the building.  What was established in 1945? 
I went in and talked to the owner. She was really nice. She thinks they are going to sell to the Church beside them and they want to knock down the building and make it a PARKING LOT.  Who would have guessed.  

They would like to find someone who might be interested in the ceiling so it is not destroyed.  If you know anyone who would be interested, please give them a call at 330) 332-0703.  And if history is your thing, as it is mine, get your pictures of this building while you can.  It  might not be there much longer!