Friday, July 19, 2013

Have you ever had an Imaginary Friend?

When I was a little girl, I had an imaginary friend, a little girl, name Kena.  She had long dark hair that was never brushed.  I played with her for years.  Kena had a friend named Sarina.  While I sometimes played with just Kena, I never played with just Sarina.  She only came if Kena allowed her to come.
I was watching a TV show today that reminded me of Kena.  Because of that, I did a little on line research and this is what I found:

Kena is a small town of about 90 people in Lithuania

The name Kena means Greatest Champion.
The origin of the name is disputed by some according to and is not a popular name.

This picture is from a blog called Old Pictures of the Day. It reminds me of what
Kena looked like, only my Kena had longer hair.

What I am surprised about is that it is a name at all.  Kena played with my brother and I often growing up,  but I do not remember when I stopped seeing or playing with her.  I was pretty young, but not sure what age.  Often, she would bring Sarina when we were racing or playing some other game.  If Kena is not a common name (I have never met anyone by that name), how did I come up with it?  I am intrigued!  It is something I am going to research and look for answers to.  If you had an imaginary friend, have you ever looked into the name or did any history about the area you were at when it occurred?  There are many people today who believe that a lot of "imaginary friends" may have been ghosts.  My imaginary friend was not bad.  It was a playmate.  I am looking for other stories about this phenomenon and whether or not your experience was good or bad.  email me at

According to the Urban Dictionary:
Kena-an amazing person who has great style and loves to help people in need of help

Hmmm.  Well, I will continue to look for who Kena might have been.  A figment of my childhood imagination, or maybe a ghost.  Now that I wrote this article, I am beginning to wonder....