Sunday, August 11, 2013

Leetonia's Cherry Valley Coke Ovens Summer Scenes

We went to the Genoskwa Project Lecture at the Leetonia Public Library on August 10 and it was beyond standing room only when we got there.  Somewhere around 200 people showed up for that at 11 am.  We couldn't even get in the door of the lecture room, so we came to one of the most awesome attractions in Leetonia--The Cherry Valley Coke Ovens.  Beautiful just isn't enough of a word here.  That is at any time of year.  I plan on going back in the fall as that is the only time I have not been here. 
I have always maintained  that the  Lord of the Rings movies should have been filmed here and this could be the Shire. But it has it's dark side here. I also believe it is haunted.  
In the back, by this old cut stone wall, we did some EVP work two years ago and got some unusual results.  I believe we were picking up residual events from back when the place was a running coke plant.  One EVP said "Tell Jim I'm hurt"
Men died here and they were gruesome deaths.  Coal would be put into the ovens and the door to the ovens would be bricked up. The coal inside would burn, venting through a hole at the top of the oven.  Sometimes men standing at the top of the ovens would fall into them when the ceiling would cave in.  They would burn to death.
I am working on a tour for this awesome piece of Columbiana County History.  And still hoping that someone will the see the movie potential for this place!