Friday, September 13, 2013

The Three Witches Graves of Lipply Road Update

There used to be three grave markers on Lipply Road, near Columbiana and many people believe they are the graves of witches.  Because they are written in German, most people around here can't even read them, which may have started the legend about them.  A  few years ago, someone stole one of the stones and at one time, there was a reward out for the return of the stone, which never happened.  I got a message from a person who claims to know where the stone is and would like to know who owns the property the stones are on so they can talk to the owners.  If you know who owns the property, could you get a message to them and ask them to contact me at
Here is what the message says:
"Does anyone know the contact information for this location. I am very certain that I know the location of the missing headstone. If someone can forward along the information of the property owners I would love to be in touch with them."

Here is the web address for the story they are talking about:

If you can help get these people in contact with the owners, that would be awesome!