Monday, September 23, 2013

G12P At Prospect Place Mansion

 These are just a few scenes from our adventure last night at Prospect Place Mansion in Trinway, Ohio.  We had a great time and look forward to going back again. 
 We heard tales of the Underground Railroad, as well as stories about when TAPS and Ghost Adventures were here. 
 This is a cooling area they used to keep milk, cream, and the body of a dead little girl once upon a time because it was too cold outside to dig the ground for a grave.  She stayed in the basement until spring.  Her mother went down and stayed with her body for a few hours every day until the little girl was finally put to rest.
 Jon and Amanda did a great job investigating the building and surrounding area.  They had as much fun as I did.
 Here are a few more pictures from our investigation.  We highly recommend an over night investigation here.  We were busy all night with plenty to see and experience. 

This room supposedly has a portal to Hell, where the cross is.  You can see what Ghost Adventures did here at this location:

We had a great time here on this ghostly adventure and strongly recommend it for any ghost hunters out there interested in an active evening!