Monday, October 7, 2013

October 6 Grimm's Bridge Tour Was Beautiful!

This is one of the most haunted places in the Grimm's Bridge
It was a perfect day for a tour in the Grimm's Bridge area!  There were 12 people who came and we all had a wonderful time! 
The leaves are beautiful! 

Grimm's Bridge made one of my top ten Haunted Places.  The activity level has been amazing, especially around the old train bridge.  K2 meters go crazy as you stand on the bridge.  We have also gotten some amazing EVP right at this pull off. 

I prepared a poster that showed several pictures of the area, and the books I got the information from.  People loved that!  It is something I will be doing from now on, when ever possible.  I have maps from 1870 on here, and pictures from the 1890's of  Grimm's Bridge, Cannons Mills, and Sprucevale. 
Our next free event is Sunday, October 13.  We will be at Lusk Lock, and then we are going over to Bowman Cemetery!  It starts at 2pm in the parking lot at Lusk Lock!