Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bowman Cemetery Is Not Privately Owned

 As a ghost hunter, Bowman's Cemetery, in Elkrun Township, is one of my most favorite places.  It has a lot of known history to help understand the ghosts that lurk there.
It is actually over hunted, and not by people who are real ghost hunters.  Real ghost hunters do not vandalize the area they are hunting.  They respect it.  This poor little cemetery has had many of it's large stones knocked over. These stones can weigh as much as 500 or more pounds and it will take a lift to get them back where they belong.
For several year now, it has been rumored that this cemetery was on private property and no one could go there.  It also seemed like no one really cared what happened to it because of that.   
Recently I found out it is not on private property at all, but is owned and maintained by Elkrun Township.  They put a sign up in the last couple weeks, stating that it is Bowman Cemetery and I hope they plan to do something to lift the spirits of this little forgotten, vandalized little graveyard.
I know I plan on taking tours there and would be happy to help out with it in any way I can. 
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