Saturday, November 9, 2013

Marks Landing--Lots of History Here

 I had the opportunity to enjoy the hospitality of a unique restaurant here in Columbiana County called Marks Landing.  I did several lectures there the last two weeks of October.  Their landscaping is beautiful, having two little waterfalls outside that greet you as you walk in. The bright blue building reminded me of the ocean and I found myself feeling lucky that we have Marks Landing, just on looks alone!
But it does not stop there.  Just turn around and you get to see the stunningly beautiful Guilford Lake!

There are docks down on the lake and you can walk out, seemingly onto the water.  I loved it and spent about half an hour just soaking it all in.
Inside, the coffee was awesome and they had these really nice snacks for everyone (a mixture of the best kettle corn I have ever had drizzled with dark and white chocolate).  It was a great experience and I am eager to go back and have dinner there one night.

                                                                                  Then as I was leaving, I noticed some of the tables had several pictures and newspaper articles in them.  Lots of local history in these tables and I left grinning from ear to ear.  Some of it I knew and some I didn't.  Yes, it was a very pleasant experience at Marks Landing and I greatly look forward to going back!!  The only thing that would make it better was if it had any ghosts....
For more information on Marks Landing, here is their website:

Phantom Bride of Wells Hollow Road Video Finished

It took a couple months to finish, but the Phantom Bride of Wells Hollow Road is done and up on Youtube.  It has been a busy time for me the last few months so it took a little more time than I would have liked. 
Here is the link:
Please check it out!   If you ever heard any stories about this legend, please let me know at