Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Remains of Sprucevale Are Still Around

 Below the area where the old house was you will find the remains of an age gone by.  Remains that can date back to Sprucevale.   I have no idea what this old wall and stairs went to.  No idea who owned it, or built it.

I can not tell you if it went to the old house or another house long gone from our knowledge, memory, and sight.   It makes me wonder.  It is one of the few mysteries that remain of Sprucevale. 
Remains of an old fruit cellar or maybe another building, also once of Sprucevale connect to the old wall.  It takes you back and lets you see a fraction of what it must have looked like in Sprucevale.
 As always, I am seeking information about the Sprucevale area.

An Old Dump At Gretchen's Lock?

This is the sight of the old barn that was once in the Sprucevale area.  You can see where it was.  When I do my tours, I always take people to the top of the hill instead of here for Lucy Cobb's story.  There are a few foundation blocks left up there for whatever else accompanied the old barn.  All along the bank from the top of that little hill down you will find the remains of a dump. 

The first thing that caught my eye was chunks of slate, like from a slate roof.  It litters the bank.
Upon closer inspection, there was also broken bottles and pottery pieces. Bits and pieces of broken blue mason jars also litter the hillside. No plastic anywhere that I could see, so it is an older dump.  Sad that it was ever there, but there none-the-less.  How long ago was the old barn standing and when was it torn down?  It isn't mentioned in the book The Sandy and Beaver Canal / by R. Max Gard and William H. Vodrey, Jr, and that was in 1950.  This book  is available on CD.  It can be purchased at the Museum of Ceramics in East Liverpool, Ohio. For more information, contact the Sandy and Beaver Canal Association: