Saturday, November 23, 2013

Rogers House--EVP of Singing in the Attic

On November 15, myself and several others investigated the Rogers House.  While we captured several excellent EVP, this one is by far the best.  My crew for the night consisted of Bridgette and Mike Murphy, Jordan, Abby, Teresa, and special guest, Amber Rogers.
 It was a good investigation and we had a spooky time! 
 For now, we are calling this the plate room, as the floor has several large plates sitting on it. Since we had Amber with us, we made good use of her psychic abilities.  In this room, she did not like the closet, which was on the other side of Bridgette.  She also saw a man on the stairs dressed in dark pants, a white shirt, and a button up vest watching us.
 The basement is known to be haunted.  I have received several stories from people who claimed they heard loud thumps and knocks in the basement.  We went down and did several EVP sessions.  Bridgette brought her K2 meter and it was lighting up to our questions.  It was the only place in the house that it would do that.
In what we refer to as the master bedroom, we found this wedding dress in a closet!  It was awesome!  It was crumpled up in a bag in the rear of the closet.  It was complete with veil and a bouquet.   It was once a beautiful dress.
Our work will continue in the house along with more research as to who lived in it and what might have happened inside these walls.  Amber says something dark lurks within.  She is usually right...