Tuesday, November 26, 2013


 Salem has a long history of Underground Railroad tales.  There is so much we know about it, but I wonder if there are some tales we do not. 
This Railroad crossing is on Cunningham.  I have been over it hundreds of times.  I never heard any ghostly tales about it until the last few years. And before anyone else jumps to the wrong conclusion, I know that the Underground Railroad has nothing to do with actual railroads.  But this area in particular has several stories about it and Salem is best known for all the Underground Railroad activity that happened here before and during the Civil
War.  People  were secreted in and out all the time.  I am only trying to figure out why a ghost would be haunting this particular spot, that happens to be a Railroad crossing.  I have made this connection because of the description of her clothes and she sometimes carries a lantern.  It doe not mean that is the explanation.  I am also only telling you what I have been told, emailed, or otherwise contacted about.
The tales I have received talk of a woman walking along the tracks.  She is dressed in a long white dress with a dark cape.  The hood is down and she has dark hair that is artfully fixed on the top of her head.  Her facial features are not well seen as she walks the rails with her head down.  Some say she seems to be looking for something and on occasion she is carrying
a lantern.  Who is she?  What is she looking for?  The most interesting and common part of the tale is that she is only seen on foggy nights. 
 I am looking for the history of Cunningham Road in Salem, Ohio.  Anyone who knows anything about it, I would love to hear it!  ghosting12@yahoo.com