Friday, November 29, 2013

Ohio Route 666

State Route 666 is a 14 mile state route that runs between Zanesville and Dresden, Ohio.  It began in 1937 and was paved by 1955. It is located entirely in Muskingum County and nearly the entire road passes through mainly farmland and woodlands.  ( Wikipedia Route 666 information )

I first heard about this in September when G12P went to Prospect Place Mansion. Visiting the web site for information and directions, I noticed a small warning printed at the bottom of the page.   Avoid Ohio State Route 666  ( )

I am curious about this road and why Prospect Place says to avoid it.  It may just be in bad shape.  Our tour guide while we were there did not know that warning was on the web site.  I never heard of a Route 666 in Ohio until that time.  At first I thought it was a joke, but it wasn't.  In 2014, we hope to check this stretch of road out and we are looking for stories about it!