Thursday, December 12, 2013

An Old Remedy For A Hex?

My friend and crew member, Tracy, went with me one day to do some research in Salem.  We were working on the Salem Witch Trial of 1894.  She was busy looking through the old newspapers on microfilm from the 1890's and she found an interesting article. 
This article claimed  that if you felt you had been hexed, the way to get rid of it was to not sweep your house for three days.  At the end of the three days, sweep your entire house and carefully gather all the dirt into a pile outside.  You then take a wooden or metal hammer and beat the dirt repeatedly until you are sure you have gotten every speck of dirt you swept from your home.  This is said to make the witch that hexed you very ill and lifts the hex from you and your home.
If you don't know what a hex is, that would be a spell or curse cast on someone with the intent to hurt them. 
So, if things are going wrong in your life, perhaps someone may have hexed you.  It sure couldn't hurt to try the sweeping trick and see if it improves your luck!