Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Is Your House Haunted? Share Your Story!

This event is being hosted by Dark Shadows Ghost Tours.  It is featuring yours truly, Kimberly Mitchell, as the guest speaker and we will be talking about ten symptoms of a haunted house.  Please click on the picture for more information!   Questions?  Email me at ghosting12@yahoo.com.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Tonight is the First Night for The Haunted Rogers House Investigations!

A little girl in the attic.  A former resident of Rogers in the basement.  This and much more is waiting for you in the Haunted Rogers House.  Adventure abounds as you explore every room of this century home.  Do your EVP sessions.  Take your pictures and video!  And please let us know what you find!  The first group to hunt here get their picture taken for our wall for all time!    The door opens at 7pm and we do accept walk-ins!  Come spend some time looking for a few ghosts!  The house is waiting for you....

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Williams House Is Gone, But What Happened To The Ghosts Who Haunted It?

I can't tell you how missed the Williams House already is.  Beaver Creek State Park just won't be the same without it.  When you visit the park, it is obviously missing.  I know this house was very haunted.  Numerous times over the years, my various crew members and I have investigated this home.  Never inside, but just standing on the porch and that was enough.  We experienced knocks, where we asked any spirits in the house to knock once for yes and twice for no as we asked our questions.  We heard footsteps coming from inside the house. 
 Several times we saw someone standing in the upstairs window on the far left.  It was amazing! 
Now that the house is gone (It burned down in a freak storm in July of 2013), where did the ghosts go?  Are they still haunting the site where the house once stood?  Did they go to Gaston's Mill?  Or perhaps one of the other buildings in the park looked like a good new home for them? 
Beaver Creek State Park should be an awesome place for any Ghost Hunter, to look for answers to these questions. I have been down there several times and I am sure you will find me down there a lot in 2014!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Open Foundation In What Was Sprucevale

 About 50 feet down from the Sprucevale bridge, on the right side of the road, you will find this foundation.  It is from a building that was in Sprucevale.  Someone has at some point unearthed some of the foundation stones, but I am curious as to what the mounds are.
 In this picture to the right, you can see some of the foundation stones. Still, the eerie mounds, looking much like graves, silently lay in the center.  It could be from the diggers who unearthed the foundation. 
If this is here, you have to wonder what other foundations, from a village long gone, that might be found with a little looking, on both sides of the road. 
Sprucevale may not be visible to the eye, but it is still there...
We are looking forward to investigating this old relic from Sprucevale days. 
I believe there may be something waiting for us... 
I took this picture today, Jan 1, 2014.