Friday, February 28, 2014

Tickets for "Ten Symptoms" SOLD OUT!!

I am excited to announce that tickets sold out for the March 1 event "Ten Symptoms of  Haunted House!"  I know it is going to be an awesome event and hope to have many more with Dark Shadows Ghost Tours!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

"Ten Symptoms of a Haunted House" Event Is This Saturday!

I am excited about the event on Saturday, March 1 with Dark Shadows Ghost Tours.  It will be my first chance to work with them.  There is going to be a baked potato bar, soup, and drinks available, along with door prizes!  One is a digital recorder, though I have not heard what kind.  Another was donated by me!  4 tickets to the Haunted Rogers House to have a paranormal adventure!  I am sure there will be other things as well, knowing Dark Shadows!  They put on a very good event!
And don't forget you will have the opportunity to share your haunted house story and meet others who have the same or similar events happening in their homes.
Any questions?  Please email me.  Here is the address for more information and how to get tickets:

Monday, February 24, 2014


UPDATE: THE GENOSKWA FEST IS BACK ON BUT THE DATE HAS  CHANGED.  IT IS NOW BEING HELD ON JUNE 13-15!  SEE THEIR WEB SITE FOR MORE DETAILS!!I received the sad news yesterday from Paul Hayes that the Bigfoot Conference, called Genoskwa Fest has been CANCELED.   Just wanted to pass this information along.  Sorry guys!  We were looking forward to it, too!!  I did hear they are talking about having a camping event at Gretchen's Lock that weekend.  June 20-22.  That is a two for one deal for us!  Bigfoot and Ghosts!!  We are still very interested in anything the Genoskwa Project is doing!  They are awesome!  If I get any updates, I will pass it along!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Come and See What All The Fuss Is About-Judge For Yourself

If you keep up with this blog or G12P, you may be aware of a few people who are saying that the Haunted Rogers House in not haunted.  They are accusing me of all kinds of things, including being a con artist.  Any one who knows me and has attended any of my events, which have mostly been free to the public, know that I am no such thing.  I have spent the last 6 years working to be able to make ghost hunting something that I do for the rest of my life. I have been doing tours all over the county and have worked with the Salem Historical Society, Salem Public Library, Leetonia Public Library, Golden Triangle Tours, and several other institutions.  I have done multiple fundraisers, the biggest of which is Salem Historical Society.  It has been my dream to have my own haunted building that I could do what I wanted inside and create a tourist attraction for this county that involves the paranormal.  The Haunted Rogers House is the fulfillment of that dream.  Not only is the house haunted, contrary to what some have been saying, but it is going to be filled with as much Columbiana County History as I can find.  I am tired of hearing from these women, who no doubt have never done a single paranormal investigation in their lives, yet feel that because one of them MIGHT have lived in the house ( I think they have it confused with some other house since Kathleen didn't even recognize the inside of it) and didn't experience any ghostly events, that it can't be haunted.  There are a lot things I would like to say at this point, but I refuse to sink to their level and start calling names and telling lies to hurt others.  I will not do that.  I will say that if you doubt my word, come and find out for yourself.  The groups that I have had inside so far are finding this house very haunted and having a great time in the process.  I have  11 years of ghost hunting experience behind me.  What have they got in this field?  Absolutely nothing.
Come and see for yourself.  The house is waiting for you...

Friday, February 21, 2014

The Old Cowans In Rogers, Ohio-Haunted By The Watchful Ghost Of Margaret Deem?

 Rogers, Ohio has a long history here in Columbiana County.  Since the Haunted Rogers House calls Rogers home, I have been researching Rogers history for the past several months.  There are some strange tales to be another time.  Today I am talking about what today is called Rogers Food and Fuel.  Most people know it and still call it Cowans.  The picture to the left is what this little store looks like today.  It is also haunted.  It has had a series of owners over the decades.  William Cowan may have started the business as far back as 1927, but after him there was Vince, Andi and somewhere in there, Margaret Deem.  It is Margaret that many people believe haunts the building.  Several employees have seen a short, red haired woman inside.  Sometimes she is back by the beer cooler, and other times she is over by the Deli.  Anyone who has had an encounter with her feels that she is watching over the store because she loved and cared about it and the town of Rogers.
This photo was taken sometime in the mid 1970's.  The gas pumps have been moved.  The sign over the door now just says Cowans.  But the Coke signs are still there. You can see the Haunted Rogers House roof behind the store, and a huge tree that is no longer there.  
Another possible ghost inside the store is a shadow person that lurks around the front by the coffee machines.  Things fall over in that area a lot.  The cigarette paper dispenser opens by itself regularly.
The employees also complain of loud thumps and taps coming from the back when they either open or close.
Cowans was and still is the center of town.  People meet and greet there.  Today it is the main stop for gas, beer, and cigarettes, but it has always been a place for friends to bump into each other and to pass local news along.  It makes sense that there would be ghosts, waiting to see a friend or loved one from time to time and remembering what once was.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Do Our Loved Ones Try To Contact Us After Death?

I know this is a sensitive subject, so I will tread carefully with this.  I think the best way to talk about it is to use my parents and the experiences I have had with them...after death.  No, I am not crazy, and, with my dad at least, I do have some proof you can see.
My father died in August of 2006 of lung cancer.  Before he died, he made me promise not to look for him after death.  I never have.  This has not stopped him from making contact with us, however.
Shortly after his death, there were several things that happened at the house he died in, and in his garage.  Inside his house the fridge door was found wide open on several occasions.  There were instances where we would come home to find his garage door wide open and his stereo in the garage playing his favorite Bob Seger song, AGAINST THE WIND.
That was the first three months after his death.  After that these instances became less and less.  They did not, however cease all together.  Almost one year later, he made his presence known in other ways.
  This is my dad.  I can't tell you how wonderful of a person he was or how much I loved him.  This picture was taken one month before his death.  At this time, we thought he had been suffering from COPD and then a bout of double pneumonia.  On August 10 we were informed he had terminal cancer and that he only had two to three weeks to live.  He lost his fight quickly, just nine days later.  He died on August 19, 2006.
One year later, in August of 2007, we were moving my mom out of her apartment to live with my brother.  Her next door neighbor was a terrible person who had a drug problem and should never have been allowed to live with the kind people in my mom's apartment complex, which was for disabled senior citizens.  As we were moving her things to the truck, her nasty next door neighbor started putting notes on her door, taunting us.  I asked my niece, Emily, to take a picture of the woman's door, since she kept taking the notes down so only we would see them.  (this is a long story I will not go into now)  This is the picture Emily took:
If you follow the bolt of blue light up to the right corner, you will see my father's face.  I believe with all my heart that he was with us that day, making sure my mom was safe.    There were other instances where my father, I feel, tried to communicate with us.  My mom had two strokes in the next couple years, and in both instances there were loud bangs in my house, like someone had dropped a very heavy book or something heavy fell.  We would check, but always found nothing. Just a few days after this would occur, my mom had a stroke.  I think my dad was trying to warn us about it.
My wonderful mom is a different story.  I have no pictures of her or any real proof that she has made contact after her death.  She died of a massive heart attack on October 30, 2010.  No one was home at the time.  The doctor said she died within minutes and nothing could have saved her.  I can't tell you how much I miss this woman.  She was my best friend and my favorite ghost hunting companion.
She has come back in dreams.  The first time I dreamed of her, she walked up to me and handed me her boot.  I couldn't figure out why she would do that until I looked inside her boot to see her foot inside.  In the dream I freaked out and rushed her to the doctor.   She never looked at me in the dream.  She always looked down.  As we sat in the doctors office, her sister, Helen, came in and sat beside her.  She had died in 2007 at the age of 72.  Her nickname was Skippy.  In my dream she was very young, and was wearing a dress with a belt around the waste.  She looked wonderful.  She held my mom's hand and hugged her.  As she did this, she said to me "It isn't your fault.  Your mom cut off her own foot."
This dream occurred five months after my mom's death.  For all that time I had been wracked with guilt that I wasn't home to help her when she died.   What I came to realize from this dream was that my mom made her own choices in life.  She was told that if she didn't quit smoking, she wouldn't live a year.  She did not quit smoking.  Eight months later she died.  The dream helped me to realize there was nothing I could do.  But she didn't stop there with just that dream.  Ten months after her death, I dreamed she was standing beside my bed, dressed in the clothes from her funeral.  Her hands hung straight down her sides and she stared at the floor.  She proceeded to tell me that my husband was cheating on me and spending his money on another woman.  I was bothered by it, but at the time, brushed it off as only a dream.  On Jan 13, which was a Friday, I had a ghostly visitor in my home.   It was 3:30 am and someone came into my room.  I thought I had an intruder and then to my shock watched the small figure, dressed in a gray outfit and a blue hat, disappear before my eyes.  I was really upset by this occurrence and didn't sleep the rest of the night.  The next day, I found out everything my mom had said in the dream 5 months before was true and my marriage ended that day.  I have come to believe that the intruder in my home was my mom, trying to warn me about what was going to happen.  I have dreamed of her several times since then.  In each dream, she gets younger.  The last time, which was last year, she looked to be in her mid thirties.  She told me I needed to get a hot tub and use it every day.  It was her way of telling me to stop worrying so much, I think.
I believe with all my heart that both of my parents have contacted me after their deaths.  It has been a comforting experience every time, and I have felt their love and concern with each encounter.  Have you had experiences with your loved ones who have passed on?  What is your story?  I want to hear it.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Used My Cell Phone To Ghost Hunt Last Night

I have a Samsung Galaxy 3 cell I just got a couple days ago.  This thing is awesome!  It does everything a ghost hunter would want, all in one package, which includes a flashlight.  Over the course of the next few weeks I am going to use it to ghost hunt with and see what kind of results I get with it.  Here are some of the pics I took with it last night:
 We went to Rogers Food and Fuel to get some coffee.  This little store has some ghosts of it's own.  Several people, including myself, have seen a short woman with red hair standing inside.  My experience happened over by the deli.
Some believe it may be the ghost of a former owner, Margaret Deem.  She is fondly remembered by the locals and many think she continues to watch over her store.
 The picture quality of this phone is pretty good.  I like this picture because you can see my breath hanging above.  It looks promising so far, at least for the camera part of the Galaxy 3 as a ghost hunting tool.
I did some hunting with Jon, Tanna, Amanda, and Courtney last night and we had a good time.
There were a couple bumps in the night while we we poked around, but for the most part it was quiet.
The house continues to be open every weekend.  This Saturday, Feb 22, the house is booked, but Friday it is open to the public.
Anyone interested, email me or call 234-736-8721!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Ghost Hunting Basic classes will begin in May of 2014 and will be held at the Haunted Rogers House.  This is a three evening class and covers what you need, where to go,  EVP, and Pictures.
Class 1 tells you what you should do for an investigation, what equipment to start with, what clothes to wear, and where you can go.  This first class includes a tour of the house.
Class 2 gets more in depth about EVP, how to listen to it, and what to do for an EVP session.  After class, we will do EVP sessions in certain rooms of the house.
Class 3 studies pictures and what to look for in them.  Orbs will be discussed, along with common mistakes as to what might be paranormal  in a photograph. At the end of this class, a full blown investigation of the house will be conducted by the class.
Each class is a minimum of two hours, but may be longer.  The Cost is $25 per class per person.  If you choose to do all three, it will be $50 per person.  A tee-shirt is included in the cost if you choose to do all three classes.
Please email me if you are interested in the classes and what time frame would be good for you.  Weekdays or Weekends.  Classes held on weekends will be done during the day. Classes during the week will be done at night and will be begin at 7pm.  Tentative dates for the first classes are May 13, 14 and 15 for the night classes.  Weekend classes have yet to be scheduled.
All classes will be taught by Kimberly Frazier Mitchell of Ghost 12 Paranormal.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Working With Dark Shadows Ghost Tours

2014 finds G12P working with an awesome group from the Youngstown area called
DARK SHADOWS GHOST TOURS.  They are doing several tours all around Ohio, including Columbiana County!  They do Treasure Hunts, Murder Mystery Dinners, and overnight adventures! Look for them to be visiting The Haunted Rogers House to do some investigating!  The Haunted Bridges Tour on May 31 is through them and so is the March 1 event called "10 Symptoms of a Haunted House"
If you want some Paranormal Adventure, Dark Shadows Ghost Tours are the people to see!  

Friday, February 7, 2014

Two Free Tours Added To Our 2014 Events

I have added two free events to our EVENT page.  On March 30 we will be doing a tour of the Grimms Bridge area.  We take you along Locks 50 and 51, an old Grist Mill site, and walk along the old P.L. & W. Railroad tracks.

Dress for some rugged hiking in some places and bring a camera.  It is beautiful down there!  This year we will be having everyone attending sign liability waivers.

This is one of the most haunted places in Columbiana County, for reasons we do not know.

 On April 27 we will be walking back to Locks 37 - 40.  According to some history books, Lock 39 is the actual Jakes Lock.  There are foundations of homes and businesses we will visit along the way.
 You will be required to sign liability waivers for this event also.  


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Johnny No-Face of Salem, Ohio

This is Egypt Road in Salem, Ohio.  Around here, Egypt Road is just another word for HAUNTED.  When I was giving the Salem Trolley tours last October, I started hearing stories about a specter called JOHNNY NO-FACE.   Many people in the Salem area know this tale, and strangely enough, it may be, at least partially, true.  It would seem there was a man who was electrocuted so severely that it burned off his face.  For years after the accident, he lived somewhere in the woods along Egypt road and would be seen walking in this area.  He finally died a few years back.  I am looking for more information about this story that would include his real name and the date of his death, if anyone knows it.  Email me at

Monday, February 3, 2014

Why No Recent Articles?

Once again, Blogger is having some hiccup.  It happens at this time every year and it annoys the hell out of me.  Currently I am unable to upload any photos onto this website. I am nowhere near the 20 GB of memory I pay for every year so I know that is not it.   This is the fourth year in a row now that there has been some glitch that interferes with this blog.  GRRR.   Hopefully it is fixed soon.  Last year it took over a month.  Trying to talk to anyone about it is worse than getting a real person to talk to with AT&T.  Sorry for the delay and I am working to get the problem fixed ASAP.