Sunday, February 23, 2014

Come and See What All The Fuss Is About-Judge For Yourself

If you keep up with this blog or G12P, you may be aware of a few people who are saying that the Haunted Rogers House in not haunted.  They are accusing me of all kinds of things, including being a con artist.  Any one who knows me and has attended any of my events, which have mostly been free to the public, know that I am no such thing.  I have spent the last 6 years working to be able to make ghost hunting something that I do for the rest of my life. I have been doing tours all over the county and have worked with the Salem Historical Society, Salem Public Library, Leetonia Public Library, Golden Triangle Tours, and several other institutions.  I have done multiple fundraisers, the biggest of which is Salem Historical Society.  It has been my dream to have my own haunted building that I could do what I wanted inside and create a tourist attraction for this county that involves the paranormal.  The Haunted Rogers House is the fulfillment of that dream.  Not only is the house haunted, contrary to what some have been saying, but it is going to be filled with as much Columbiana County History as I can find.  I am tired of hearing from these women, who no doubt have never done a single paranormal investigation in their lives, yet feel that because one of them MIGHT have lived in the house ( I think they have it confused with some other house since Kathleen didn't even recognize the inside of it) and didn't experience any ghostly events, that it can't be haunted.  There are a lot things I would like to say at this point, but I refuse to sink to their level and start calling names and telling lies to hurt others.  I will not do that.  I will say that if you doubt my word, come and find out for yourself.  The groups that I have had inside so far are finding this house very haunted and having a great time in the process.  I have  11 years of ghost hunting experience behind me.  What have they got in this field?  Absolutely nothing.
Come and see for yourself.  The house is waiting for you...

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Amanda Vantilburg said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. I am a crew member with G12P, Not only have I loved what we do in and for the community. I know first hand how much time is put into research before we relay any information to the public. I don't know these women, and I could say a few things about some of there comments. But I am following the lead of our lead investigator Kimberly, and not stooping to that level. I have personally spent allot of time in the house, Not only investigation but working. And I have experienced a ton of paranormal things. Anyone who comes to the house I'm sure will not be disappointed :D I look forward to welcoming and assisting guests into the house!