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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Make a Video for the Scavenger Hunt to Win $100

Here is how to enter:
1. Make a 3 minute video explaining how you and your team are the greatest scavengers in the world and nobody else can beat you. You need to include items in your video that explains why your team is not afraid of the paranormal or ghost hunting and how you will use your skills to compete to the best of your ability.
 2. Upload your video to any of the on-line video services.
 3. Send a private message to Dark Shadow?s Ghost Tours Facebook page (or e-mail to by Wednesday April 2 at 10 pm. with the link to your video.
We will take the videos and post them out to our Facebook page and allow the Fans to pick which one is the winner by liking, sharing, and commenting on the videos.
The video with the most engagement will be declared the winner and have a choice between a $100 Visa Gift Card or A FREE TEAM TICKET REGISTRATION to our upcoming scavenger hunt.
Second place winner will receive $20 Gift Code to our On-line Store

Third place winner will receive a $10 Gift Code to our On-line Store.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Grimms Bridge Tour Is This Sunday!

 The Grimm's Bridge tour is this Sunday.  It is free to the public and a lot of fun.  Once upon a time there was a little town down below Grimm's Bridge.  It was called Shears Mill.  There was the canal, a general store, and even a school.  We will tour this area and hear a few ghost stories along the way.  Grimm's Bridge has several ghost stories about the area and a few Bigfoot tales also.
 The tour starts at 1pm and goes for at least two hours.  Bring a camera and wear some comfortable shoes.  Of course you will want to dress for the weather.  If it rains, we will have to cancel.

I can not make any guarantees, but we also try to walk back to the old Montour Railroad Train Tunnel.  It later became The P,L, and W railroad.
Children are welcome but there is a little walking to do and a few hills to climb.
Any questions?  Email me at

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The Paranormal Scavenger Hunt in more detail...

This is with Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and a little help
from G12P!!! ;)


Join us as YOU perform a paranormal related scavenger hunt with Glenn the Ghost. 

Here is how it will work:

We provide your team with a list of items to find. You take a digital photo of those items with Glenn the Ghost in the picture. Each item will have a point value based on difficulty. You will have two (2) hours to complete the hunt, if your team earns the most points within the fastest time, your team will win FIRST PRIZE.

Prizes will be awarded to first, second, and third place based on points and time.

We will have additional prizes for different categories as well which will give your team additional chances to win.

Ticket Prices Include:

Each member receives a Glenn The Ghost

•Each member receives a DSGT Scavenger Hunt Button
•Each member will receive dinner at Jay Jay’s Road House
•Chances to win additional prizes

What you will need:

•A team of four members
•A vehicle to drive around and collect clues (photos)
•A digital camera (you need to be able to give us your pictures, so if you are using a cell phone, the pictures must be able to be transferred to a computer).
•Chargers and/cables for your cameras
•You may want access to the Internet for some of the clues so you can find them easier, but this is not a requirement.
•Dress accordingly to the weather, the hunt is outdoors.
•GPS system would be recommended but is not a requirement.

What you will NOT need (but could earn you some extra points):

•Shovel – No digging is required
•Holy Water – Well, maybe
•Stake, Hammer – Don’t foresee you running into vampires
•Zombie Survival Gear – Don’t foresee you running into zombies
•Digital Recorder – No audio evidence required
•Video Recorder – No video evidence required

All team leaders who purchase tickets will receive an e-mail as we get closer to the event that will contain a pre-list of items that the team can do in order to earn some extra points towards their final tally. Here is just a short list of these items:

•Have a team member dress as a ghost.
•All team members wear the same color clothes.
•Write on your car windows: On a Dark Shadow Ghost Tours Scavenger Hunt

More will come in the e-mail.


April 12, 2014 – Meet at the parking lot of the Austintown Senior Center at 5:00 p.m. We will then provide you with your clue packets and you will be on your way. At 7:30 p.m. (or before if your team is done earlier), we will meet up again at Jay Jay’s Roadhouse in Austintown for dinner, judging, and prize give-a-ways.

First Place Prize: An overnight ghost hunt for up to 12 people at the Haunted Rogers House in Rogers, Ohio. ($300 value).

Second Place Prize: 4, $20 Jay Jay's Road House Gift Cards

Third Place Prize: 4, $10 Off Any DSGT Event - and other DSGT Merchandise.

Register your team and get your tickets here (Tickets are $100 per team (or $25 per member) :

Thursday, March 20, 2014

April 12 Paranormal Scavenger Hunt by Dark Shadow Ghost Tours and G12P!

Get your team together and join us on April 12 for a Paranormal Scavenger Hunt!  First Prize is a night in the Haunted Rogers House for up to 12 people!  For more information, just click on the pic above!  If you have any questions, email me!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things Moving In Your House

There are lots of things that can be easily moved by a ghost in your home.  Some of these things you might not even have considered as you try to determine whether or not you house might haunted.  For example, finding a cupboard door open in your kitchen may not seem like a big deal.  You automatically assume it was left open by some other family members.  Most people do not pay any attention to it.
There are other things that move easily in your house as well. A rocking chair is a good example of something a ghost can easily move!
The chain that hangs from your ceiling fan is another good target for a ghost.  If it is moving, no big deal.  Someone hit it or the fan running is causing it to move.  We get so used to these common events, when they do move in an unusual manner, most of the time we don't even notice them.
Have you ever caught anything moving when you entered a room in your home? What was it and what did you think?  email me at! If your item makes my list, I will mention you on the blog!  

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Leave it to a Ghost Town to be hiding in plain sight....

Sprucevale was a little village that sprang up in about 1813.  It seemed it would thrive with the coming of the Sandy and Beaver Canal. But when the Canal died in 1852, so did Sprucevale.  Now the area is a park, and one of the most haunted places in Ohio. Still working on the why, and the where.  Earlier this month I wrote about the remains of a building in the woods along the road.  Here is another, in plain sight.  Just after you cross the bridge into the park, to the left, you will see this.  I don't know what it was.  A home perhaps, or a business.  I am eager to get my crew down there and investigate it.  Some people have suggested that this is the home of Jake the Night Watchman.  I say we knock on the door and find out!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

And Genoskwa Fest is back on again!!

The date is different, but the Genoskwa Fest is back on.  It will be held June 13-15 in Leetonia, Ohio.  I fear we may miss it because we always to the Pottery Festival, something near and dear to my heart.  I will publish any other information I get about the fest though!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am looking for new crew members...again!

Ghost hunting is not easy to stick with.  There is no money in it, and it can get expensive.  In the past it has been time consuming, but not so much anymore.  We have a few events you are welcome to attend, but I make sure only to do things I can handle myself.  All that said, I need some people for the crew.  I am not easy to work with.  I am sure many will tell you that.  I am demanding and expect a lot more from my crew than I probably should.  I want us to be the best and being a hard task master will help get us there.
You need your own transportation.  Having a camera, digital recorder, and flashlight of your own is a plus.  Free time to do some of the things we do is a must.  We have gotten double investigations in one night in the past and I need to know you can stay for it all, not leave in the middle of it.  We go on trips to do fun investigations like Mansfield and Twin City Opera House, which is paid for out of your own pockets.  We sometimes do parades or festivals.  We do tours of the area, often for free.  We also do a lot of private investigations and you may need to work the Haunted Rogers House from time to time.
We also have been known to do some Bigfoot Hunting and do a big camp out every year for this purpose.  (That is in May)
I need people who can operate a computer, and other types of equipment and I need a psychic.  Oh, and sometimes you have to dress up like ghosts for some of the tours we have, but not very often.  We are not doing the Civil War Reenactment this year, so I don't think there is much else for us to dress up for.
If you have any questions, let me know.  If you already contacted me, contact me again.    Did I say I was not easy to work with?  I guess I really can't say that enough.  I am a mean, horrible, terrible person and I make people quit, or so I hear. Come and talk to me before you make a final decision on that one.  :)
Email me at and we can set up an appointment from there.  I am doing all interviews at the Haunted Rogers House.  I look forward to meeting you!!

Sprucevale Foundation Just Across The Bridge

This map can be found at the park.

Sprucevale is a mystery, but little bits and pieces are shining through.  This map can be found over by the location of the house.  You can see a map of Sprucevale on it in the corner.
On my way to work the other day, I noticed a foundation I had never seen before.  A big tree is growing in the middle of it. This time of year is good to look for old foundations, and other long lost pieces of history.  The snow outlines what is left and you can see it.  That is how I noticed this one.
Using the big tree at the center, you can see the foundation behind it very easily.
I went down there and checked it out.
I don't know how I didn't see it before.  I will be down there soon investigating it to see who might be there still.  Was it a house?  Was it the Gate Keepers little shack?  Was it a business?  With enough digging, the answers will come out.
As soon as you cross the Bridge into the park, look to your left.  

Friday, March 7, 2014

Do You Have An Object You Think Might Be Haunted?

We are looking for things of a haunted nature that we can "borrow" to put into the Haunted Rogers House.  The idea is to be able to investigate the items and see if we can prove they are haunted. We will follow what ever rules you would like for your item.  If you have something and are interested in having your item on display in the house, we will post the story of your item, and post you as a local sponsor, plus put your name on the Tee-Shirts.  For more information, please contact me at

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adding Some Possible Haunted Things To The Haunted Rogers House

We have put two new things in the Haunted Rogers House.  One is the Lisbon Baby Doll.  She was nailed to a tree for many years and one day in November, fell to the ground.  It looks like a Precious Moments doll of some sort.  One story I got was that the doll was so evil, she was nailed to the tree, and the tree protected the family from the doll. ????  Not too sure about that one.
Still, she is now in the house and we can study her and see what came with her...

This set of lamps comes from Amanda.  She bought them at an estate sale for about a dollar.  Excited to get them in what she calls "The Big House", they were stored there, waiting for them to move in.  The big house is the old Smith Farm on Lisbon street in Glenmore.  They currently live in the servants quarters on the property until they get the house finished and ready to move into.
One day she decided she needed more light, so she thought to use the pair of old lamps she bought.
Out to the Big House she went and retrieved the lamps.  She took them into the kids room, where she needed more light, and plugged them.  The lights blazed brightly and she bent down to look under the bed...
Suddenly she felt the breath of someone behind her and heard "Those are mine."
With out another word, she bundled the lamps up and took them back to the house.
We now have them in the Haunted Rogers House for you to inspect and investigate!  As we find more items, we will let you know.  Oh, and by the way, the Haunted Rogers House is open and waiting for you....

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Something Being Thrown At You In Your House...

Are you experiencing things being dropped or thrown in your home?  Do coins seem to drop from nowhere?  Have you had things thrown at you like stuffed animals, cigarette butts or other small objects?  Have things been hitting the side of your house or the walls inside?
There seems to be a rash of incidents like this and I am trying to see if there are any similarities to any of the stories.  Did something happen not long after that was a huge event in your life?  Please email me with your story.
Orb on the right....

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Ten Symptoms of a Haunted House-It Was Awesome!

Winner of the 4 free tickets
to The Haunted Rogers House
was Dani Amicone!

The Pioneer Pavilion was beautiful and I look forward to going back
just to explore!

Loved the stone work of the building!

Dennis found this beautiful carved face, hiding near the stairs.

 and inside the pavilion....
Dennis and Amanda standing in front of the amazing fireplace

Glen the Ghost, Dark Shadow Ghost Tours mascot, entertained the crowd.

Me doing my lecture thing!
Amanda won a door prize, pictured here with a few of the attendants
and Glen the Ghost!
We had an amazing time this evening. The building was right up our alley.  Inside was warm and cozy and very welcoming.  We had a nice time and look forward to other events with
 Dark Shadow Ghost Tours!