Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Adding Some Possible Haunted Things To The Haunted Rogers House

We have put two new things in the Haunted Rogers House.  One is the Lisbon Baby Doll.  She was nailed to a tree for many years and one day in November, fell to the ground.  It looks like a Precious Moments doll of some sort.  One story I got was that the doll was so evil, she was nailed to the tree, and the tree protected the family from the doll. ????  Not too sure about that one.
Still, she is now in the house and we can study her and see what came with her...

This set of lamps comes from Amanda.  She bought them at an estate sale for about a dollar.  Excited to get them in what she calls "The Big House", they were stored there, waiting for them to move in.  The big house is the old Smith Farm on Lisbon street in Glenmore.  They currently live in the servants quarters on the property until they get the house finished and ready to move into.
One day she decided she needed more light, so she thought to use the pair of old lamps she bought.
Out to the Big House she went and retrieved the lamps.  She took them into the kids room, where she needed more light, and plugged them.  The lights blazed brightly and she bent down to look under the bed...
Suddenly she felt the breath of someone behind her and heard "Those are mine."
With out another word, she bundled the lamps up and took them back to the house.
We now have them in the Haunted Rogers House for you to inspect and investigate!  As we find more items, we will let you know.  Oh, and by the way, the Haunted Rogers House is open and waiting for you....

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