Thursday, March 13, 2014

Leave it to a Ghost Town to be hiding in plain sight....

Sprucevale was a little village that sprang up in about 1813.  It seemed it would thrive with the coming of the Sandy and Beaver Canal. But when the Canal died in 1852, so did Sprucevale.  Now the area is a park, and one of the most haunted places in Ohio. Still working on the why, and the where.  Earlier this month I wrote about the remains of a building in the woods along the road.  Here is another, in plain sight.  Just after you cross the bridge into the park, to the left, you will see this.  I don't know what it was.  A home perhaps, or a business.  I am eager to get my crew down there and investigate it.  Some people have suggested that this is the home of Jake the Night Watchman.  I say we knock on the door and find out!

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