Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Grimms Bridge Tour Is This Sunday!

 The Grimm's Bridge tour is this Sunday.  It is free to the public and a lot of fun.  Once upon a time there was a little town down below Grimm's Bridge.  It was called Shears Mill.  There was the canal, a general store, and even a school.  We will tour this area and hear a few ghost stories along the way.  Grimm's Bridge has several ghost stories about the area and a few Bigfoot tales also.
 The tour starts at 1pm and goes for at least two hours.  Bring a camera and wear some comfortable shoes.  Of course you will want to dress for the weather.  If it rains, we will have to cancel.

I can not make any guarantees, but we also try to walk back to the old Montour Railroad Train Tunnel.  It later became The P,L, and W railroad.
Children are welcome but there is a little walking to do and a few hills to climb.
Any questions?  Email me at


Anonymous said...

Where is this? can't find where it says a location..

Kimberly Mitchell said...

The tour was last Sunday but we had to cancel due to snow. We are working on setting up another date to do the tour. It will be posted on here and on facebook!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to a special someone the trail is not as bad as it used to be. He cut the trees that have fallen over and even opened the ditch. Allowing you to walk easily along the tracks the whole way to the tunnel. He worked for days alone without any group for help and for what people would be able to enjoy the sight of the tunnel.