Monday, June 16, 2014

We Are Busy Ghost Hunters Here At G12P

 June 21 G12P is headed back to Hill View Manor!  We were last there in 2011.  I am excited to get a second chance in this large and haunted building~
Going with me on this adventure is Amanda, Lee, and Mike.  We are excited to get in there as a team and see what we find!
 But that is not all!  We are going with our new friends from Dark Shadow Ghost Tours!  It is not a public hunt, but a private one so we can just hunt ghosts together and have some fun!  We are excited to get to work with these awesome ghost hunters!!
 And then, to my extreme delight, we are going back to Mansfield Prison, AKA Ohio Reformatory!  We were here in June of 2013 and I never thought I would be going back so soon.  This is also with Dark Shadow Ghost Tours, but it IS  A PUBLIC HUNT!
The cost is $87 per person and you won't find a price that great for this investigation any where else.  Just to get in for a regular paranormal investigation is $80.  For just a few dollars more, you get the bus ride there and back, food before you leave, food while you are there, a free tee shirt and a memorial of photo of your adventure!!  Very worth the price!!!
If you are interested in purchasing a ticket, there are a few left.   But they are selling fast so get your ticket ASAP!

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