Sunday, September 28, 2014

October Events

We have had a lot going on the last few weeks and it has been hectic.  The Louis Townsend Farr House is lost to us and will soon be torn down to make way for a new sewer.  We are devastated at this decision.  While we have a packed schedule for October that didn't include just the house, this is a setback for us and we are trying to recover as best we can.  
October 3 we have Medium Cindy Burchette Willoughby at the Louis Townsend Farr House.  This will be our last event there and it is sold out.   We hope to work with Cindy a lot in the future, and we are excited to have her as our last guest.   
On October 4 we will be in two places.  Some of us will be at a Chilly Cook off in Austintown (Lee and Mike Mizenko), while the rest of us will be in Salem, Ohio doing the Salem Ghost Trolley Tours.  
October 11 we will be at the J.C. Thompson Building with Dark Shadow Ghost Tours to do a second no frills ghost hunt there.
October 25 we will be at Hill View Manor helping out with the Zombie Prom!  
And October 31 we will be at Hill View Manor once again working the Halloween Hunt hosted by Dark Shadow Ghost Tours, our very good friends.  
More information will be coming about some of these events.  And as soon as we get another building (there are several possibilities right now!)  we will let you know!