Friday, February 21, 2014

The Old Cowans In Rogers, Ohio-Haunted By The Watchful Ghost Of Margaret Deem?

 Rogers, Ohio has a long history here in Columbiana County.  Since the Haunted Rogers House calls Rogers home, I have been researching Rogers history for the past several months.  There are some strange tales to be another time.  Today I am talking about what today is called Rogers Food and Fuel.  Most people know it and still call it Cowans.  The picture to the left is what this little store looks like today.  It is also haunted.  It has had a series of owners over the decades.  William Cowan may have started the business as far back as 1927, but after him there was Vince, Andi and somewhere in there, Margaret Deem.  It is Margaret that many people believe haunts the building.  Several employees have seen a short, red haired woman inside.  Sometimes she is back by the beer cooler, and other times she is over by the Deli.  Anyone who has had an encounter with her feels that she is watching over the store because she loved and cared about it and the town of Rogers.
This photo was taken sometime in the mid 1970's.  The gas pumps have been moved.  The sign over the door now just says Cowans.  But the Coke signs are still there. You can see the Haunted Rogers House roof behind the store, and a huge tree that is no longer there.  
Another possible ghost inside the store is a shadow person that lurks around the front by the coffee machines.  Things fall over in that area a lot.  The cigarette paper dispenser opens by itself regularly.
The employees also complain of loud thumps and taps coming from the back when they either open or close.
Cowans was and still is the center of town.  People meet and greet there.  Today it is the main stop for gas, beer, and cigarettes, but it has always been a place for friends to bump into each other and to pass local news along.  It makes sense that there would be ghosts, waiting to see a friend or loved one from time to time and remembering what once was.