Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am looking for new crew members...again!

Ghost hunting is not easy to stick with.  There is no money in it, and it can get expensive.  In the past it has been time consuming, but not so much anymore.  We have a few events you are welcome to attend, but I make sure only to do things I can handle myself.  All that said, I need some people for the crew.  I am not easy to work with.  I am sure many will tell you that.  I am demanding and expect a lot more from my crew than I probably should.  I want us to be the best and being a hard task master will help get us there.
You need your own transportation.  Having a camera, digital recorder, and flashlight of your own is a plus.  Free time to do some of the things we do is a must.  We have gotten double investigations in one night in the past and I need to know you can stay for it all, not leave in the middle of it.  We go on trips to do fun investigations like Mansfield and Twin City Opera House, which is paid for out of your own pockets.  We sometimes do parades or festivals.  We do tours of the area, often for free.  We also do a lot of private investigations and you may need to work the Haunted Rogers House from time to time.
We also have been known to do some Bigfoot Hunting and do a big camp out every year for this purpose.  (That is in May)
I need people who can operate a computer, and other types of equipment and I need a psychic.  Oh, and sometimes you have to dress up like ghosts for some of the tours we have, but not very often.  We are not doing the Civil War Reenactment this year, so I don't think there is much else for us to dress up for.
If you have any questions, let me know.  If you already contacted me, contact me again.    Did I say I was not easy to work with?  I guess I really can't say that enough.  I am a mean, horrible, terrible person and I make people quit, or so I hear. Come and talk to me before you make a final decision on that one.  :)
Email me at ghosting12@yahoo.com and we can set up an appointment from there.  I am doing all interviews at the Haunted Rogers House.  I look forward to meeting you!!

Sprucevale Foundation Just Across The Bridge

This map can be found at the park.

Sprucevale is a mystery, but little bits and pieces are shining through.  This map can be found over by the location of the house.  You can see a map of Sprucevale on it in the corner.
On my way to work the other day, I noticed a foundation I had never seen before.  A big tree is growing in the middle of it. This time of year is good to look for old foundations, and other long lost pieces of history.  The snow outlines what is left and you can see it.  That is how I noticed this one.
Using the big tree at the center, you can see the foundation behind it very easily.
I went down there and checked it out.
I don't know how I didn't see it before.  I will be down there soon investigating it to see who might be there still.  Was it a house?  Was it the Gate Keepers little shack?  Was it a business?  With enough digging, the answers will come out.
As soon as you cross the Bridge into the park, look to your left.