Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Our Grimms Bridge Tour Is This Sunday!

 The Grimm's Bridge tour is this Sunday.  It is free to the public and a lot of fun.  Once upon a time there was a little town down below Grimm's Bridge.  It was called Shears Mill.  There was the canal, a general store, and even a school.  We will tour this area and hear a few ghost stories along the way.  Grimm's Bridge has several ghost stories about the area and a few Bigfoot tales also.
 The tour starts at 1pm and goes for at least two hours.  Bring a camera and wear some comfortable shoes.  Of course you will want to dress for the weather.  If it rains, we will have to cancel.

I can not make any guarantees, but we also try to walk back to the old Montour Railroad Train Tunnel.  It later became The P,L, and W railroad.
Children are welcome but there is a little walking to do and a few hills to climb.
Any questions?  Email me at