Sunday, April 20, 2014

Another Dark Shadow Ghost Tour May 3-At The Haunted Rogers House

Dark Shadow Ghost Tours is staying busy this year~  Their next event is a small one at the Haunted Rogers House. They are selling 12 tickets at $45 each for the Haunted Rogers House.  This price includes a tee shirt, swag bag, picture, and pizza! It is also a learning event.  If you plan on going on other tours with Dark Shadow this year (May 31 Twin City Opera House~~June 26 Mansfield Prison) it might help to get an idea of how to ghost hunt.  To that end you can attend this small event on May 3 and get hands on training that will help get you ready for the big hunts!  Learn how to use a digital recorder, what to look for in pictures, what kind of clothes to wear and what not to wear as well.
Hunt until  6am!
To get your tickets:
Ghost Hunt and Learn

As of April 20, there are only 10 tickets left.  Get yours today!!!