Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Hunting Ghosts Along Beaver Creek

 We went on our annual Bigfoot Hike this past weekend,, but there were other campers down in the area we like to go, and they had dogs, so we didn't get to do much squatching.  We did do sme ghost hunting and exploring!
 We found another tunnel and went in as far as we dared to go.  This one was at least 100 feet long and the center had collapsed.  It also had one of the biggest spiders in it I have ever seen.  While I didn't get too close to it, it was every bit as big as my hand.  We left it alone!!

 Amanda and I greatly enjoyed the chance to ghost hunt in different places.  We both wondered if these tunnels might have been used for the Underground Railroad.  It was just awesome to get to go into them!
 We also found a carving in some rock along the trail we were traveling on.  It said one word.  HELL. More about this find in a future article.
I was joined on this adventure by Amanda Vantilburg. Her husband Jeremy.  Dennis Martin Jr.    And several of the Vantilburg children and a couple of their friends.  Courtney, Nicholas, Trey, Hallie, and Gracie.
Carrying packs that weighed around 60 to 80 lbs, we trecked down to Beaver Creek and explored Locks 54 and what we think might have been a small town called Little Beaver Bridge.

We had a wonderful time and look forward to another adventure down under.

Our next event is this weekend with Dark Shadow Ghost Tours to the Twin City Opera House.