Friday, July 11, 2014

The JC Thompson Mansion Investigation Was a Grand Adventure!!

 In the basement of the J.C. Thompson Building, we had two incidents.  The first was hearing someone running in the closed Tax business above us. The second was the strange disappearance of Mariann's flashlight, which she never found.

Brian Dickson Jr.
 This door way has been a hot spot for the owners of the building.  Sarah and a few other people that work with her have seen the ghosts of two children.  A little boy and girl appear in this door way and then vanish.

 An interesting picture because Brian's face is just gone.
Amanda sitting on a open widow sill, which plunges down three stories from where she was sitting.  Yes, some of us were uncomfortable about her sitting there.  We would go on in this room to have a very successful session with a mag light.

An Apparition At The J.C. Thompson Building Investigation

In this picture we think there might be an apparition.  Pictured above are new crew members Laura McQuistion and Brian Dickson.  I leave it to you for now to see if you can see what we see.  We are excited about this picture, taken by Nicholas Vantilburg, AKA Peanut.