Thursday, November 6, 2014

Life After The Louise Townsend Farr House

We closed The Louise Townsend Farr House on Oct 19.  It was a sad day.  The last thing we took down was the sign.

 We worry about our ghosts that we have come to know and care about.  Ira Caplinger in the basement.  Johnny on the stairs.  Emily in the attic.  And Rick, the newest entity we contacted and just learned about in July.  He is also in the attic, also in Emily's room.
We couldn't figure out why our little girl was asking for a coal train.
Imagine our surprise to fine there really was such a toy as a coal train and it was in the same time frame as our Emily was alive (1923-1929).  
Still, we are hopeful.  We have asked the ghosts to come with us to our new building, where ever that might be.  Of course we are also going to give them the option to cross over if they would like.  We don't want to leave them in a house being torn down.
We will let you know how that goes.  We are calling it a grand experiment.  If they come with us, I will let you know.
Emily's room is now empty. This is the hot spot of the house
and it was hard to walk away from the little girl we feel may
be up there, as well as Rick, whom we think may have been
the little boy asking for the train.

The Wild Ride That Was October

October 5 and our tour at Gretchen's Lock with Venture Outdoors!
 October 2014 was the busiest month EVER for G12P.  We were everywhere!  Here are a few pics and some details about each.

October 11 we were investigating the J.C.
Thompson Building once again with Dark Shadow Ghost Tours!

We were interviewed by Ed Balint of the Canton Repository.
For the full story:

We did two Trolley Tours and one Walking Tour at Salem this year.
Pictures above are Crew Members Laura McQuistion, Brian Dickson,
and Amanda Vantilburg.

The walking tour ends with the ghostly tales of the Dale Shaffer Memorial
Research Library

The Trolley Tours always take us down to Cry Baby
Bridge on Egypt Road.  

Grandview Cemetery and the grave site of Elizabeth and Harold

The "Hat Man" tagged along on several of our adventures in Salem
this year.

Yet another adventure in the J.C. Thompson Building, this time
with the Golden Triangle Bus Tour Company!

We were invited to accompany Dark Shadow Ghost Tours
as the lectured at Newton Falls Library.

Technically well endowed, we love hanging with DSGT, any time,
any where!  Pictured above is Shawn and Marianne Donley.

We also jumped in to help out some old friends.  This is at the old
Elks Club in East Liverpool.  Yes, it has real ghosts.  One at least.

And then there was the Hill View Manor Halloween Bash on October 31.  What a fantastic time.  That will be another tale however.

And yes, we have events in November!  One Victorian Wake and one investigation at the Stage Coach Inn.  More details about these events coming.