Monday, November 17, 2014

Ghosts Attaching Themselves To Things

We implemented every option we could to somehow take our ghosts from the Louis Townsend Farr House.  In the above picture we you see the two Teddy Bears in the chair.  The larger one is Minky, Emily's favorite.  We also left a second one for Rick.  The Instructions were simple.   If they wanted to go with us to our next building, attach themselves to the bears.  Can they do that?  We don't know. We also asked that they move the bears somehow so we would know they did it.   The bears never moved.
For that reason, we had to assume they chose not to do that.  The bears are in safe keeping just in case,  but we also decided to cross over any spirits that might be in the house just in case.
For that we enlisted the talents of Mike and Lee Mizenko, who are members of G12P.
This awesome ghost hunting couple have extensive experience "Cleansing" houses.  We decided to do this on November 8th.  Mike, Lee, Laura, Brian, Amanda and I (Kimberly)  were present for this event.
We first went around and said our Good Byes to the house and what ever ghosts might still be there.  We then set up on the second floor to CROSS them over.
 We added an SB7 to the event.  Mike was told you could hear talking during the crossing over.  As Mike talked to our spirits, he told them to look for a light.  Out of the SB7 we heard "
I can see it!".  We also heard "Help me".  Finally we started hearing "Thank you".  Several of them.  It was amazing.  The wind howled outside and the house seemed to rumble.  Also...
Every one of us heard disembodied voices.  In the picture to the right, I was actually asking Amanda what she just said because it sounded mumbled.  I found it interesting that the orb was caught between us at that time.  Amanda had not said anything at all.
Once the voices stopped coming out of the SB7, we ended the session.  Lee and Mike then went through each room of the house with oil and blessed salt, saying prayers and hopefully sending any other entities that remained away from the house.
It was an experience I am interested in doing again.
Are our ghosts gone, or did they attach to the bears?  We will let you know if we ever find out.