Sunday, November 30, 2014

 On November 24 we went to a book signing in Rogers, Ohio.  It was for an author name Judy Lennington, pictured on the left in yellow.  She wrote a bood called Mudsock, which is about Rogers, Ohio.  She wrote several other books and had those at the book signing, too.
 Many of her books are fiction, but they are based in the area.
Thank you so much to Rogers, its council members, and the Mayor, Sandra Chambers, for hosting the event at the Rogers Community Center.
Judy has a new book coming out at Christmas which is a murder mystery and it takes place in Negley, Ohio.  I will post information tomorrow where you can get your own copy of this book or any of her other books as well.
The whole reason for the book signing was in support of the local history.  You have to know the history to find the ghosts.  What better way than to read a book!