Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Old Ketchum Road Bridge

 Just outside of West Point on an old forgotten road you will find an old forgotten bridge.  Rusting away, it has not been driven on for decades.  Someone did put a pedestrian walkway on it however, so you can cross the bridge and get a really good look at her.  She is an interesting piece of work.
If you know me, you know I love all things old and dusty with a story to tell.  I know this one has something.  The question is, what?
Not much is out there about her.
 Thanks to a friend on Facebook who posted this on my page, this is what is on the web:

Thank you to David Dunlap, Amy De Lauder, Rob Morrow, and Ray E. Hall for all their help!!
This bridge has an eerie feel to it.  Long abandoned, bridges are often haunted and I am interested in checking this one out.  For today, we just crawled all over it and took a million pics for our records.  Looked for anything with writing on it to point us in the direction of more information about it.
You would never know there was a road here were it not for the bridge.  

 And of course we are wondering what caused the dent. Tree maybe?  Or that the bridge looks like it is collapsing into the water?  It just has that awesome ghostly look that begs to be investigated.  But more than that, it needs to be remembered.
Some of my favorite people standing on the bridge.  They are outstanding.

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