Thursday, May 14, 2015

Louise Davis-36 Years and Still Missing

I feel a connection with this girl, for reasons I can not explain.  She was close to my age.  IN 1979 she was 17.  She lived in East Liverpool, and I suspect she was quite an adventurer.  She did not deserve  what life handed her.
On June 21, 1979, she got into the car of a man named Robert Wooten.  She thouht she was gong to see here friend returned from Texas.  No one knows for sure what happen to her as she disappeared down the road.  She drove off into history, never being seen again.   The question all these years?  What happened to her?  There are several stories, but nothing is certain.  
I spent a few years working with the Columbiana County Family Of Homicide Victims and that is where I first learned her story.  That was in 2008. She haunts me to this day.  She is out there somewhere.  Long hidden.  Waiting for someone to bring her home once and for all.  
I will never stop looking for her.

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