Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Rogers, Ohio Will Be Having A Festival October 10!!

 Rogers, Ohio is having a Fall Festival October 10!  There will be lots of history to learn about.  Old pics of the area will be on display in the City Council Building, which is also a historic church over 100 years old.  Proceeds from the festival will go toward restoring the slate roof on this church.  The ghost walk will cover stories like the curse placed on Rogers in an argument between of the most prominent men in town.  It is a curse that many think is still affecting Rogers to this day.
 Besides ghost stories there are plenty of tales from the history of Rogers that will keep you entertained as well.
For example, the old hotel and general store was also once a speak easy.  You will never guess what went on during the weekends in the 1930's!  The building was also used for funerals...
 At the heart of Rogers is even a grave!!  See where it is on the tour!
There will be vendors, games, pumpkin carving contest, psychic readings and much more!
If you are interested in a vendors site, the cost is only $10!  For more information please contact any member of the Rogers City Council or any member of G12P!